Zero Tolerance Watch: 7-year-old may be expelled for toy gun

We have another zero tolerance issue in Western Pennsylvania. Let me make this clear. This type of school administration stupidity is part of the intentional destruction of the United States of America and a complete war on common sense.

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Zero Tolerance – Andover teen suspended for picking up her friend who was drinking

zero-tolerance-4-zero-toleranceThe only argument here is Erin Cox should have contacted her friend’s parents instead of driving to the party to pick her up. But Cox just wanted to ensure her friend got home safe. What’s not acceptable is the school punishing Cox based on their zero tolerance policy against alcohol and drug use.

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Teen charged with felony weapons possession – fishing tackle box, knife in car

Yesterday we told you about the Arizona principal who told a cop he could not pick up or drop off his daughter while wearing a uniform and gun. Keeping with zero tolerance theme, a Georgia high school student has been charged with felony weapons possession on school grounds after cops found a fishing tackle box – with knifes – inside of his car.

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Arizona principal asks cop not to wear uniform and gun when picking up daughter

It really is a mental disease. How else can you describe this? The principal at Entz Elementary School in Mesa, Ariz. contacted a Coolidge police officer and asked him not to wear his uniform or bring his gun to campus ever again when dropping off or picking up his daughter.

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School suspends student for refusing to change NRA shirt – arrested

The real point for me is that the police should have never been called and the kid should have been left alone. Fourteen-year-old Jared Marcum wore a T-shirt to school that offended the administration because it said Protect Your Right with a picture of an AR-style rifle on it.

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School bus monitor bullying aftermath … and zero tolerance policies

So how are those zero tolerance policies working for ya? How about the mandatory bullying lectures and campaigns? Not working out too well are they?

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Student arrested for having pen knife used to fix lacrosse stick

Two high school lacrosse players at a Easton, Md. high school were suspended – and one was arrested and taken to jail – for having a lighter and a pen knife they used to maintain their lacrosse sticks. Maybe the high school should hire a new employee authorized exclusively to use tools to maintain sports equipment. Created or saved baby!

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Zero tolerance pendulum – religious dagger OK in Detroit schools

We’ve read about the ridiculous zero tolerance enforcement in public schools for years. In Detroit, the school board banned Sikh students from wearing a religious dagger called a kirpan, but have recently reversed the ban. I think the school made the right decision for the wrong reason. Read more

Zero tolerance crap continues at high school – lunch box mix up leads to expulsion (Update)

Even though the report states principals are supposed to consider the “true intent” of the student involved, they seem to have completely ignored the guideline. Teachers found a paring knife in the lunch box of 17 year old Ashley Smithwick’s lunch box at Southern Lee High School in Sanford, N.C. They expelled her. (See the update below.)

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Zero tolerance: pocket knife bad, tire iron just fine

The zero tolerance crap in the education system is totally out of control. A high school senior  – who is on the honor roll, taking AP classes and is an Eagle Scout – has been suspended from school for 20 days for having a pocket knife in his locked car while on school property.

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