There’s Something Rotten…

…in the Nation of Sweden, with all due apologies to the Bard, and it stinks like the Chicago at low tide.  It is Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange.  Mr. Assange, for those who haven’t heard, is the Australian hacker “Internet activist” who has decided that it is his mission to play “cop of the world.”   Read more

OMG … WMD … Bush was right!

Can’t say this surprises me because more than one of the Iraq veterans I have talked to have been telling me for years they found WMD and evidence of a program. But, with the release of more documents by WikiLeaks … the truth can now be told. Read more

Wikileaks: Do they care information could put Afghans in danger?

Wikileaks thinks technology and the Internet can help save human life and support human rights. But with the dissemination of the names and locations of Afghan citizens who have been providing intelligence to coalition forces, have they put those Afghans at risk of death?

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Wikileaks to the US Military: Hey! We need your help to rat on your friends

What more needs to be said. The Editor in Chief of the Wikileaks, the internet site that obtained and then published more than 90,000 top secret US military documents on the Afghan war, tells Andrea Mitchell, he needs help deciphering all the stuff he’s collected. Attention. On your feet. The left needs your help. Read more