Obama Afghanistan speech recap – skepticism, doubt and uncertainty

We never had time to post some thoughts about President Obama’s Afghanistan speech before the big radio show today and we’ve been pretty busy with other items this afternoon. So here is a recap and some thoughts about Obama’s decision to surge troop strength by 30,000 and then start leaving in July 2011. Read more

Matthews calls West Point the “enemy camp” Update: Apology. Update 2: Lame Apology

Every time I think Chris Matthews can’t dig a hole any deeper, he just keeps digging. Matthews doing his instant analysis right after the speech is downright verklempt about the reception the President got at West Point. No cheering, no gushing, very quiet. Why nothing like the campaign. Why, do those cadets know who was addressing them? Too much for Chris who takes those young cadets to task. Read more

Obama Afghanistan speech at West Point (Full Text) – Live video

Here are selected excerpts is the full text released by the White House from President Obama’s speech on his new and revised Afghanistan plan at West Point tonight. Commentary will be in future posts. Read more