The true cost of hiring just one employee

I have talked about this until I am blue in the face. But when I heard financial wizard and former actor, Wayne Rogers, put it all down in numbers, I just had to record and present. Those of you who have never run a business, never created a job, never met a payroll, never sweated out accounts payables while waiting for accounts receivables … this mean you guys in the White House … listen up. Read more

Stimulus … Throw it from helicopters

Why not … Jonas Max Ferris  on “Cashin In” may have found the best way to distribute the cash. At least we could pick it up and spend it … maybe even stimulate some businesses. The consensus of this panel; the stimulus ain’t stimulating.

These panel members all run investment funds and they are all there because they are successful and they do disagree politically but the majority of the panel seemed to agree with Wayne Rogers … “SLUSH”