Upcoming sequester cuts less than Warren Buffett’s total wealth

That’s right, the total and complete disaster we face on March 1 will be the result of cutting a whopping $44 billion from the budget in one year. Warren Buffet’s estimated wealth? $46 billion.

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Middle class average federal income tax rate less than half of the “rich” – Update

I’ve had some Facebook friends post informational graphics concerning tax policy and health care issues. Almost every one is published by a liberal organization in support of President Obama and liberal policies. They are designed with emotion as the foundation. Here is my first shot at a conservative image you can download and post on Facebook.

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Warren Buffett wants you to like him … really like him

I have this theory about mega-rich people being occasionally embarrassed by their own fortune. It’s only a theory, but with Warren Buffett’s recent op-ed in the New York Times I think his post is partly about wanted to be liked by people. Maybe he wants you to click on the Like button on his Facebook page.

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