Big ACORN numbers means opportunity to claim voter disenfranchisement

I’ve asked friends why ACORN would be going out there an registering thousands of voters multiple times. Registering kids under 18, felons, illegal aliens, dead people and imaginary friends is actually part of the plan.

At first, I thought it was as simple as ACORN “volunteers” getting paid for each registration, or maybe “good will” points were awarded in the organization; more registrations result in higher profile positions in ACORN or its subsidiaries.

But there is more. All those registrations give activists the opportunity to cry racism and voter suppression.

Updated: New ACORN video proves my case.

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Ohio Democrats move to suppress votes – again

If you think voter suppression and fraud issues were limited to cities like Chicago and Seattle, you’re missing the bigger picture. It’s not just ACORN either. Jennifer Brunner, the Democrat secretary of state in Ohio, is targeting voters who received absentee ballot requests from the McCain campaign.

So who’s the party that wants to suppress your vote?

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