Florida gains access to federal data base to identify illegal voters

This saga began months ago when Florida started reviewing voter rolls in an attempt to identify non-citizens on those lists and purge them from the rolls.  Among other things, Florida sought access to a Department of Homeland Security data base that would assist in this process.  Not only was Florida denied such access, but Attorney General Eric Holder filed suit against the state seeking to block any purging of the rolls. Read more

Identification Please

With the November Election just 149 days away the topic of having to show an I.D. prior to
casting a vote has become topic of debate.  I have been asked for my personal ID in several
activities that I conduct through out the day such as: Read more

This is it! Open Thread

Vote. Vote today. Vote early, and then come to the blog … all day and check for updates and participate in the live chat room. In the meantime register here and leave a comment about the voting in your district. Read more

Governor Chris Christie: what will you tell your children …

… if you let this opportunity slip away. Chris Christie paid a visit to Connecticut to campaign and endorse Linda McMahon and the most telling moment came in the first video below, toward the end of the speech. “You need to stand up and fight.” Read more

House Vote On Health Care – Call to action. Now!

The House is taking up the Pelosicare bill today and Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats need your help if we are going to stop this piece of crap that will do a wide vareity of bad things and very little good. If you need a refresher course … here’s the link to the SOS posts on the 2000 page abomination. Unlike Congress, she has read most of the bills, including Pelosi’s piece of crap.

I am not going to reinvent the wheel. Michelle Malkin is live blogging the event including this:

House Republicans will hold a second Operation House Call protest event today at 1pm Eastern. If you are in D.C., stand with them.

Please make the effort to make one call … Murphy and Courtney in particular need to know it won’t take much to take back their seats, which were Republican seats.

Plus Jim Hoft, our good friend at Gateway, has a list of other Blue Dogs who could use a nudge here.

Need a little more motivation. Excuse me Mr President. could you talk to the RVO readers for a moment.


United Against The Porkapalooza … for what its worth.

Well House Republicans stood strong against the Porkapalooza that will saddle my children with an unbearable burden they don’t deserve. $800 billion to a trillion dollars (with interest) and that’s just this year and doesn’t count TARP or SON OF TARP. $3 trillion I heard. I’ve lost track. I will find some links to help out on this. But for now … her are your House leaders who tried mightily to create jobs at a lower cost and … Democrat or Republican … were actually looking out for your children and their children. Lord help us when they get the bill.


Update: OK … Instapundit has some nice links.But here’s a portion of the AP story.

Told that no Republican backed the measure, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs reacted by citing another number: “3.5 million jobs that we look forward to saving or creating.”

That’s my favorite … save or retain. It’s the oldest economiuc development scam in the books. The article continues with the sad part.

Republicans said the package won’t work because it has too little in tax cuts and spreads too much money around to everyday projects like computer upgrades for federal agencies.

“This legislation falls woefully short,” said House GOP Leader John Boehner of Ohio. “With a price tag of more than $1 trillion when you factor in interest, it costs every family almost $10,000 in added debt. This is an act of generational theft that our children and grandchildren will be paying for far into the future.”

Hey you young Democrats for Obama … you pay for this too. Well, umm, actually you guys don’t pay … I forgot.