We are back on WTIC

Forgive me for not giving everyone more notice but everything sort of came together in the last 48 hours by everyone (and there was a lot of  every ones) involved.

I will be returning to WTIC 1080 tomorrow morning at 9 AM as we continue our work to spread of the gospel of personal freedom and individual liberty across New England and really throughout so many states around the country.

I want to first of all thank all of you who helped make this happen with your calls and e-mails, not just to CBS Radio but to me as well. It really helped all of us focus on what mattered.

Thanks to my friend and agent Steve Fryer, AFTRA’s Tom Higgins who walked the extra mile and kept everyone talking, WTIC and CBS Radio. Everyone worked really hard over the last few days to make this happen and it just shows when all parties have the same goal in mind, no obstacle is too big.

Some other names not involved in the negotiation need to be mentioned. Thanks to my friend Steve McGough, who set up the show on the Internet and kept mission alive. His work as many of you know is invaluable and too often unheralded. And finally to the behind the scenes folks, the SOS who was my biggest supporter though this and my buddy Liz.

God bless you all, especially my listeners who I value so much. With so many tough things happening today, from Mississippi to West Virginia, this seems so small and in reality, it is. I am humbled and I thank you. As always I will be keeping you in my prayers.

61 Seconds on Fox61 – Vicevich on taxes

Vicevich was on the soap box again this morning during the Fox61 News morning show just before 7 a.m. ET. He also hung out and discussed taxes in the Fox61/Hartford Courant chat room until about 8:30.

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Jim Vicevich health update – Sound Off Connecticut schedule, and thank you! Update tomorrow!

UPDATE (Jim): I am putting this at the top but I should have some definitive information on health and return tomorrow, with final word coming Wednesday. Thank you all for your prayers. They are working. Check back tomorrow evening. And God Bless you all.

Update: Jim returns to the air on Monday, Jan. 25.

In this post you’ll find and update on Jim’s condition as we are able to post it. WTIC and CBS Radio have been very supportive, and let him know he is an important part of the team and they want him to come back healthy. We will keep this post updated and “bump” it up to the top position as necessary.

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