Coast Guard video of USAirways flight landing in Hudson River

Here’s a video from a Coast Guard station video that shows the USAirways flight 1549 plane arriving in the Hudson River. The plane can be seen landing and coming to a stop just about two minutes into the video. Passengers are mostly out and on the wings or slides – which double as rafts – in what seems to be 60 seconds, and boats from New York Waterways are on scene within three minutes.

What is not shown, is the actual approach to landing.

Miracle On 48th Street

A US Air  is forced to make a landing in the Hudson River … A320 headed for Charlotte. 150 Passengers reportedly all got off safely. One is Jeff from Norwalk, Connecticut. He’s interviewed here by Fox News. If you know who this might be … please send me a message through the contact page. All we know is he’s married with a new baby. Mom … Dad is OK.  “It’s a miracle!” Please go the Fox news to learn more. Thank You.


Here’s an interview Fox’s Neil Cavuto conducted with Bill White, the President of the Intrepid Museum. I post this only so you can hear from an eyewitness what a great job NYC emergency personnel do.