Obama administration calls for reduction in regulation on business

Small and medium-sized businesses are the growth engine of the economy, and in a new proposal, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly suggests government “loosen regulations and make it easier to start or expand a small business….” in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

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Religious tolerance?

President Obama spoke today before the United Nations.  In light of the swelling anti-American demonstrations throughout the world (attributed alternatively by the administration as a reaction to a video, or terrorism), he spoke of the need for religious tolerance. Read more

Libya and Egypt in violation of United Nations treaty

Some of you may be asking “where were the Marines?” That’s a good question, but I want to know where was the perimeter security for the US Embassies that were attacked.

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Abbas: Absolutely will not recognize a Jewish state

Bully. So Mahmoud Abbas is demanding the United Nations officially recognize Palestine as a state and at the same time is letting the world know there is no way they will recognize a Jewish state in return. It’s all or nothing.

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UN urges Israeli restraint, ignores Palestinian threats

So while the all-knowing “peace-makers” at the United Nations are urging Israel’s leaders to keep calm and avoid violence, what would be the Palestinians be doing and saying?

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Gun control on the sly

Wonder why President Obama isn’t doing more on the topic of gun control? Read more

“Global Warming” embezzlement

I received what follows from my engineer friend. You can’t make this stuff up. Read more

Obama sets up anger management session with Dr. Phil for Iran and North Korea

At a United Nations nuclear nonproliferation conference this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid out our nuclear cards, expecting Iran and North Korea to have a “come to Jesus” moment and start playing nice.

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Iran to jail suntanned women, UN appoints Iran to women’s right commission

Tehran’s police chief has ordered a crackdown on suntanned women and girls who walk around looking like “mannequins” in an effort to cleanse “social misbehaviour by women, and men, who defy our Islamic values.” The United Nations responded by placing Iran on the Commission on the Status of Women.

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Declaring diplomacy with Iran a failure

At what point does the United Nations or the community of the world declare diplomacy with Iran concerning their nuclear program a complete failure? I’m not calling for an invasion or regime change, but goodness gracious  … how long will those diplomacy experts keep talking about how much time Iran has?

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