The Indiana union standoff continues

We told you earlier about a bill pending in the Indiana legislature that would make Indiana a “right to work” state.  Should the bill pass, unions will not be banned from Indiana.  Rather, Indiana workers will have the right to choose whether or not they want to be part of a union at their workplace, and, whether or not they want to pay union dues. Read more

The freedom to choose

Perhaps as early as tomorrow, the Indiana legislature will consider a bill that would make Indiana a “right to work” state.  That is, if the Democrats in the legislature condescend to show up  for the session.  Read more

Hostess Twinkies vs. the unions

Today, Hostess Brands Inc., maker of Wonder Bread, and Hostess Twinkies, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Recently, it incurred an annual loss of over $300 million, but, that may not be the entire story. Read more

Ohio rejects the individual mandate

Tuesday’s election in Ohio presented, among other things, two issues where the results could not have been more diverse, and confusing. Read more

The NLRB strikes again

Earlier this week the National Labor Relations Board proposed new rules concerning the vote by employees to join, or not join a union.  Apparently not content with simply an attempt to halt Boeing from opening a new plant in South Carolina, a right to work state, the NLRB is forging ahead in other areas. Read more

Connecticut labor union best come up with proof Yankee Institute hacked email

I don’t normally write about Connecticut politics, but the charge by labor union boss Daniel Livingston caught my eye. In his letter to Connecticut’s attorney general, he’s suggesting Yankee Institute hacked into the state’s email system.

Read more

Obama demands contractors provide all “political” donation data – Unions exempt

An executive order is in the works to implement parts of the Disclose Act that failed to pass Congress. Federal contractors must already provide information about donations to politicians, now they would need to provide details about donations to independent groups. Federal employee unions – of course – would be exempt from this requirement.

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More Wisconsin union thuggery VIDEO UPDATE: Grandma fights back – boycott turns into buycott

Here’s more news that it is not likely you will learn about from the main stream media. Let me first ask you to assume that you own a small business in Racine County, Wisconsin. You open your mail one day and find the following letter. Read more

Some on the left are finally getting it

Would you expect a mini-uprising against public unions to be launched in San Francisco, California?  Would you expect that Democrats would be leading this mini-uprising?  If your answer to either of these questions is, “no”, please read on. Read more

Liberals and the Judiciary

Unwilling to accept the fact that Rebublicans had a resounding victory in Wisconsin last November, and that the Wisconsin legislature recently passed a bill restricting some union activity, Big Liberalism is on the march again.  This time their focus is the April 5 election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

First a bit of background. The validity of the new law is now pending before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. That court currently leans to the right, with four tending to be conservative, and three tending to be liberal.   

Current Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who tends to vote conservatively, is up for reelection on April 5.  His opponent is Joanne Kloppenburg, an assistant state attorney, an environmental lawyer, and a definite “left-leaner”.  Although Wisconsin Supreme Court elections are typically pretty docile, this one has taken on a life of its own. 

A liberal leaning outfit called the Greater Wisconsin Committee has thrown some $3 million into the race and launched a web site, ProsserEqualsWalker…, to whip heat against the Governor into the race.

One of the ads  against Justice Prosser, sponsored by Greater Wisconsin, was particularly offensive, untrue and, well, “sleazy”.  Apparently, the left will stop at nothing, including besmirching a good justice, to accomplish their goals.  But here is the interesting part.

At a recent debate between Justice Prosser and Ms. Kloppenburg, Ms Kloppenburg was asked by the judge whether she would ask that the ad be pulled.  You can go to the link and see the video, but, essentially she said “no”.

I’m certainly glad that someone with that moral character, or should I say, lack of moral character, isn’t running for the Florida Supreme Court.