Non-union help not welcome

This is almost too ridiculous to believe… in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation, help has been turned away.  Yes, you read that correctly, and can read about it here. Read more

More union abuse using your tax dollar

Have you ever heard of a government employee being on “official time”?  That may conjure up images of a federal worker actually doing his or her job, but nothing could be further from the truth. Read more

Public sector union contract negotiations should not be private

The expectation of a local teacher’s union in New Jersey is complete privacy during salary and benefit negotiations with the local school board, all the way through to the point where negotiations are finalized. That old-school practice is no longer acceptable, and eight members of the Ramsey, N.J. school board pulled back the curtain for local residents in February.

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Union schemes and scams: notes on the forced unionization of daycare workers and health aides.

Driving home tonight, I had some thoughts on today’s announcement of the unionization of Connecticut daycare workers and personal care attendants for the disabled and senior citizens:

  1. Did all 6,200 care workers actually receive ballots?   Were they alerted about the importance and arrival of the ballots ahead of time?
  2. Did they all know that it only took a majority of the RETURNED ballots to trigger a union?
  3. Who counted the ballots?
  4. Did they know that the legislature refused to vote on this due to the uproar raised by the recipients of this care?
  5. Do they know that their dues will siphon about $2.5 million away from their incomes, directly deducted from their  Care 4 Kids state reimbursements?  Directly from the mouths of children directly into the coffers of SEIU 2001, which effectively means laundered and delivered for Malloy’s next election?

Consider how easy it would be to fill out ballots “for” people that were supposed to receive them in the mail.  Consider how easy it would be to make the mailings look like junk mail so they would be missed.  Consider how easy it would be to mobilize a mere 1,600+ people to vote for the union (they recently pulled their stealth scheme in Wisconsin and Michigan, and they are perfecting their deviousness with the aid of complicit politicians.  Is it any wonder that they hate Scott Walker so much!).  Consider that this is the most unAmerican, unpatriotic thing I have seen the Democrats do in a while.  To wit: how different is state sponsored and required membership in a union from state sponsored and required membership in a particular religion?  Think about it.  State sponsored and enforced participation in what should be elective activity is unconstitutional, immoral and unfair.

One has to wonder if Malloy would be equally quick to issue an executive order to make Connecticut a “right to work” state?  I think not, given his incestuous relationship with the unions.  When the unions control, and in this case, own, their alleged employer, or that employer is essentially hired by the employees, what happens to the adversarial relationship that unions and employers are expected to have?  It merely demonstrates why public employee unions should be, at minimum, highly restricted in their economic or political relationship with the administration.

This is merely a sneaky implementation of “card check”, which is a sleazy, smarmy, unAmerican way to coerce workers to join unions who may not want to otherwise.  Right to work, secret ballots and free choice are the antithesis of the modern union.  It makes you wonder why the so called “Democratic” Party would embrace organizations based on such thuglike, undemocratic tactics.  The bottom line: would unions have to hatch all of these deceptive schemes if people were clamoring to be in a union?

These indentured union workers should take a page from the unions and go on strike.  From SEIU and their lickspittle lapdog, Dannel (formerly known as Dan) P. Malloy.

We don’t have enough private sector union members

On Thursday, August 25, while most on the east coast were preparing for Hurricane Irene, the National Labor Relations Board issued a new rule.  There are a few curious things about the rule, other than the rule itself. Read more

The genius of the Øbama NLRB bureaucracy

It appears that Øbama’s NLRB is running amok in more than one place. I dug up this little gem this morning from the Internet: NLRB Pursuing Dead or Alive Policy, from the West Virginia’s The Intelligencer, Wheeling News-Register.

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More union thugs…this time at Verizon

Those of you who live in the Northeast know that Verizon’s union employees went on strike last Sunday.  I am not familiar with the details of the contract dispute, but will assume that both labor and management have valid points. Read more

Boeing, Airbus must share American Airlines contract thanks to union issues

Boeing used to be the exclusive supplier to American Airlines until recently, but now, they have to share the largest aircraft order in aviation history with Europe’s Airbus.  Boeing got less than half the order.

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Police and Firefighter unions demand businesses publicly oppose Wisconsin governor

Wow. Here is another reason public unions should not be allowed to collectively bargain with politicians running a local or state government. Union leadership – including those from law enforcement and firefighters – have sent letters out to local businesses demanding they publicly oppose the efforts of Wisconsin’s legislature and governor or face the consequences.

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Huffington Post volunteer contributors demand to get paid

As I understand the Huffington Post business model, some authors are paid but a huge majority of them get absolutely nothing more than exposure. Since Arianna Huffington sold the site for more than $300 million to AOL a few weeks ago, some of the unpaid contributors want a cut.

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