Pressure: Natural gas fuel prices up 80% in Ukraine

Prediction: Ukraine will soon have an “election” on wether to join back with the Russian empire; just like what happened in Crimea. With thousands of Russian troops and tons of military hardware along the eastern border of Ukraine and Russia increasing gas prices 80 percent in the so-called sovereign nation, what do you think the percentage of “YES” votes will be?

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Betting on a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine

Why wouldn’t Vladimir Putin take over – at least – eastern Ukraine? Michael Weiss over at lays out 10 reasons not to believe Putin when he says Russia will not invade Ukraine.

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Ukraine vs Russia, Obama vs Romney & Palin video clips

No real time to write about Russia’s encroachment (invasion) into the Ukrainian state of Crimea, but I figured I’d post these video clips for review since I find them somewhat interesting. Let’s look back to yesterday’s Krauthammer comments and the 2012 election.

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