Trifecta for tyranny

We posted what follows on November 11, 2010.  In light of recent events, perhaps it is time to repeat it.  Guns…Fast and Furious, wealth…the rich aren’t paying their fair share, religion… Read more

Rev C. L. Bryant: Run from tyranny, run from economic slavery

A number of listeners asked me to put up a separate post on the CL Bryant video so here is is. It’s a great video and part of an upcoming documentary. This former NAACP chapter President turned conservative activist says it all. Read more

Happy Independence Day – Open Thread

I am sorry this got up so late but I got in the middle of my own celebration and forgot to wish you all a Happy Independence Day. it’s special here in New England, the birthplace of the fight for that independence. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and yes Connecticut all played key roles in the fight that was to last years. Read more