A Potemkin Presidency

Things have apparently degenerated so far for the President that he feels the need to openly stack the deck for his “unscripted town hall meetings.

“When President Obama sits down for his MTV town hall this Thursday, the audience of young people who will ask him questions will have been gathered by a casting call. Read more

Former Obama supporter to president: “I’m tired of defending you”

Ouch. CNBC had a town hall today featuring President Obama and the first question out of the gate was … wait for it … where’s the change? She’s not seeing it, and quite frankly she’s “exhausted of defending” the president.

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Even the Constitution can’t stop the Democrats – UPDATE: SOS weighs in on 13th amendment

No that’s not me saying that, that’s California Congressman Peter Stark. Listen to his latest town hall meeting. Read more

I will protect my son

So it has come to this in America. When a father, concerned about his son, dares to confront his Congressman, becomes subject to death threats on himself, his wife and his son.

The video below is from yesterday afternoon’s Fox broadcast. Mike Sola explains why he confronted Michigan Congressman John Dingell. He was worried, upset and he wanted answers. He also wanted assurances his son would get care. When Dingell promises to put a clause in specifically for his son, Sola isn’t buying it. First the confrontation.


Now Sola is getting threats … and he’s pushing back.


We have heard repeatedly that Congressmen fear for their lives. But when it comes to pushing back against the left, they make no secret of the fact no citizen is above attack. Hope and Change my little mobsters.