Matthews advises POTUS to TOTUS: you’re fired brother

Horrifying! TOTUS has been there for this guy at some of his worse moments, and yet he has hung in there. Trip on a syllable, no problem. TOTUS kept rolling. Stumble on an market economy point you never quite understood, TOTUS did. Now Matthews wants him gone. Oh the humanity. Read more

TOTUS’ greatest moment – Update: Video

From Drudge … TOTUS arrived on the hill shortly after 2PM.

Don’t let us down buddy. We saw you collapse from exhaustion, we watched as you stopped and let the big guy try to fly on his own. But now is the moment. Now is the time. Now is the time to slip a belt, flash a diode, fry a circuit. Not for any nefarious purpose. Just to see if the big guy really knows his stuff … or is just reading. Win one for the gipper.


Update: This will teach me to joke around without checking the other sites. Allah at HA actually has Andrea Mitchell pondering the same situation. Yikes … me … thinking like Andrea Mitchell. But what would cause her to ponder such a thing. Obama is not Bush. He’s the best at evvvvvvvvverything. Guess the MSM has its doubts now too.