Brokaw still irrational: Afraid of walking into Arizona bars

It’s not like I thought he would eventually become rational or anything. Tom Brokaw is not comfortable walking into an Arizona bar on a Saturday night since the state allows their law-abiding citizens to carry a pistol for self-defense. He states the system is “wide open.” That’s a total lie.

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Brokaw: Here’s a great idea, let’s be more like Oregon’s medical system

This ranks right up there with Brokaw begging the President to raise gas prices. Speaking on Meet the Press, the debate turned to why Americans are so against Obamacare. Doris Kearns Goodwin thinks most Americans haven’t read it and thus are afraid of it, but once it’s passed, they will love it. Read more

Hey … when was the last time they paid for gas?

Great interview last night from Glenn Beck with Sarah Palin. Thanks to Hot Air for pointing it out. This was what I considered to be the best part of the interview. Beck believes politicians are out of touch with regular Americans and puts a simple question to Palin. Palin’s response is on the mark and in stark contrast to the elitists who now rule this country.


Now watch this video clip of Tom Brokaw. My guess is its not just politicians who are out of touch.