Joe Lieberman on Shahzad: The fact is we got lucky

To be fair. Connecticut’s junior Senator begins the bite with praise for the law enforcement people who nabbed this jihadist before he got away, and in record time. But Joe calls it like he see it, and in this case, to paraphrase Liz Cheney, luck ain’t a terror policy.


Notify Homeland Security: Shahzad part of Taliban plot

Not a lone wolf, not an outlier but rather a well funded and well trained, Taliban endorsed, with the official terrorist seal of approval. Says Eric Holder, Faisal Shahzad — a U.S. citizen — likely acted on the Taliban’s direction. His weapon of choice. A US passport.

Officials say the plot proves foreign networks are intent on using American citizens to launch deadly attacks on U.S. soil. Attorney General Eric Holder and White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan said Sunday that the investigation has revealed that the Pakistani Taliban were behind the failed attack, and that suspect Faisal Shahzad — a U.S. citizen — likely acted on their direction.


This is all a pretty far cry from Janet Napolitano’s insistence last week Shahzad was a lone wolf. Now not only are we told he’s not a lone wolf but [art of a growing army that intends to use their citizenship as a weapon.

This could be why Lieberman reiterated his desire to strip these guys of their citizenship.


I am not saying I am for or against this. I certainly would love to see these guys stripped of citizenship but in my world timing is everything. And how long before some crazed politician uses this law on a tea party person? Hmmm? I wonder whether the climate is strong enough to pass this through or if the folks who are so concerned with the Arizona illegal immigration bill will step up on this one too.

“Amateurish” bomber now considered act of terror … UPDATE

with possible foreign links. That’s what Fox news is reporting tonight. Plus there are two Connecticut connections. The car was traced to a car dealer in Bridgeport by the FBI and that it was first sold there for cash. Just more evidence that everyone, even in sleepy Connecticut, needs to to be aware and alert.

UPDATE: Fox news is reporting a person of interest has been identified. The person is a naturalized American who reportedly has spent the last two months in Pakistan.

More disconcerting is this:

Police, meanwhile, have interviewed the registered owner of the bomb-laden sports-utility vehicle but say he is not a suspect. CBS News reports that the man told investigators he recently sold the vehicle on Craigslist for $1,300 to someone who looked “Middle Eastern” or “Hispanic.” The buyer reportedly paid in $100 bills.

Middle Eastern and Hispanic is a lot different than a white male in his 40’s, the description of a possible suspect we have been given for days now.

And Fox is reporting the FBI is pursuing foreign connections:

The investigation into the Times Square car bomb has started to reveal information that suggests the failed attack was the work of an international plot, a senior administration official told Fox News.

The official could not definitively say whether a foreign conspiracy was behind the incident, but that the body of evidence was moving in that direction.

All of this, of course is a far cry from how Secretary Janet Napolitano characterized the TS bomber yesterday, as amateurish:


The use of the word “amateurish” is disturbing to me because it seems to downplay the seriousness of the attempt. Box cutter’s are amateurish. Ask my friends in the 192nd, 143rd, 102nd, if these kind of bombs are “amateurish.” But that’s just me.