Looking for Republican National Committee leadership

Many have been clamoring for leadership at the national level for the Republican National Committee. Does anyone even know who Mike Duncan is?

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Video – Thompson discusses an Obama administration

Good video. My post explaining the case against Obama is probably a bit long and this video is just over 12 minutes. Do you have the time for both? You should.

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Fred Thompson to Leave Republican Race for President

Update: He’s out.

It looks like Fred is out. He started off slow and never really got going. Some people might say that he did not want it bad enough. Personally, I think he really wanted to serve, but it was not in his nature to deal with all of the crap that was required to run. He also has not dedicated the last 20 years of his life to prepare for running.

Some people might say that he started too late. Are they kidding? The nature of the business – running for president – is now a four year process. No kidding. It should not be a four year process.

The other issue was that he’s not considered a “sound bite” candidate. He’s more deep than that, and the media looses interest if you can not provide them a good sound bite that is under 10 seconds. Those 10 second answers suit the populist candidates quite well. All they need to do is say that they understand the needs of the people and feel their pain. Then they say they will fix it.

Crap, all crap.

As far as I can tell, he’s the only Republican candidate that had a chance and was a true conservative, not a Regan conservative – I don’t care about that – I just want a conservative thank you very much.

The next question is whether Thompson is willing to stump for another candidate, and maybe consider the vice president position on the ticket.

If he throws his support to McCain, he may tick-off more conservatives. Right now, I guess my hope would be to have him toss his support to Romney.