Texas border overwhelmed with illegal aliens, including children

There is an active marketing campaign to ensure a flood of illegal aliens keep coming from Mexico and Central America. Certainly there are many people south of the border – including the Mexican government – encouraging the migration, but the campaign is actually being “funded” by the words of politicians in Washington, D.C.

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Patrick Cook’s submitted testimony on gun rights after Fort Hood shooting (Video)

Below is 1st Lt. Patrick Cook’s submitted testimony delivered by Chris Coleman, a member of the Texas Army National Guard. Cook was in a room with 14 others at Fort Hood when a man armed with a handgun tried to force his way into the room on April 2. Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Ferguson (39) died that day while barricading the door keeping the other 14 in the room safe. Ferguson did not have to die.

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Texas drivers forced into checkpoint, asked for blood, saliva and breath samples

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants your blood. They have been tasked to use federal funding to check on the use of alcohol and drug use by drivers on the road, and are working in 30 different cities to set up checkpoints with the help of local law enforcement.

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9-11 Homework? What do you think?

From Fox 26 in Houston … I was kinda taken back. But what about you? The homework assignment … write a letter to a loved one as if you knew you were going to die. Read more

Are we heading for an Øbama illegal alien trifecta?

Fox News seems to have been the first (and maybe only?) news organization to report that the Øbama regime intends to close nine Border Patrol stations across four states.  Nobody except mouthpieces for the administration is pleased with this move.  Pleas to the Border Patrol chief and the Dept. of Homeland “Security” by Border Patrol agents, Texas politicians and town sheriffs have fallen on deaf ears, with U.S. Customs and Border Protection which responded: Read more

Voter fraud is a huge issue if your vote has been invalidated

In 2007, The New York Times noted the five-year effort by the Bush administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation found little evidence of voter fraud. Even if it is rare, it is an egregious violation of the rights of individuals whose votes are invalidated by voter fraud.

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Obama wildfire response in Texas – compared to Mexico and other disasters

How did the Obama administration’s response compare when reviewing the wildfire response in Texas that burned 2.5 million acres (3,900 square miles) of land as compared to a recent Mexico fire that burned about 390 square miles? How about other disasters?

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Dallas police drop domestic violence charges against 40 illegal aliens

For domestic violence cases in Texas, the victim is not required to press charges simply because they may be too afraid to do so. If the police department has the evidence, they can hold the accused and refer charges to the district attorney. In Dallas, a WFAA investigation reveals 40 cases involving illegal aliens were not passed on, they just deported the accused felons back home.

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Miss me yet?

I know I do. Set aside for the moment that he bought into Nancy Johnson’s outrageously expensive Medicare prescription drug program and try to remember this was the man who saw Islamofascism as a threat to national security and the battle against the terrorists as a war and not a police action. Read more

Voter Fraud: Dems on Dems Update: Dem on Republican

In the knock down, brass knuckle world of politics, I am not surprised, even those Gigi Gaston is. And I am not surprised it’s the Obama camp that turned the table on Hillary. Read more