It’s come to this: Plea bargaining with terrorists – Update: SOS weighs in.

John Brennan on Meet the Press this morning is asked by David Gregory why Abdul Muttalab is not being treated as an enemy combatant and couldn’t we extract more information from him if he were. Brennan invokes Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, and Jose Pedilla, as examples of successful prosecutions of terrorists … and besides, says Brennan, why interrogate when we can plea bargain. Read more

McConnell: Who gave this guy a visa?

Senator Mitch McConnell asks the relevant question here. Don’t blame the failed terror strike on that NW Airlines plane solely on the folks in Nigeria, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s origination point and Amsterdam, his connecting airport, who let this guy into the US? Read more

Nepolitano on NW airline terror attempt: Everything worked fine – Video UPDATE: system failed

These two bites, from NBC and ABC are as much an indictment of the tenacity of the media as it is of the arrogance of this administration. The appearance on Meet The Press, I think, is the best of the three sound bites this morning, because she continues to step in it on multiple occasions. The Director of Homeland Security taking credit for the fast thinking and brave acting of the passengers and crew. Read more

Islam – making a true difference to the world … with violence

Pamela Gellar over at Atlas Shrugs points us to the Web site Religion of Peace who provides the service of creating a list of all terrorist attacks in the name of radical Islam around the world. Of course, the site’s owners have been targeted with death threats, but I found the long list of attacks in the last 60 days daunting.

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Suspected terrorist on no-fly list flies – tries to blow plane up

A Northwest Airlines passenger arriving in Detroit from Amsterdam tried to ignite some sort of substance – or possibly ignited firecrackers – during final approach to the international airport in Michigan. The flight originated in Nigeria and that is where the passenger boarded the aircraft.

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Putting America on trial – Sept. 11 will be our fault

So, you thought Erik Holder was being truthful when he stated he was very confident the terrorists brought to New York would be convicted and given the death penalty? Maybe he does have evidence we don’t know about, but Germany – who provided evidence – will be watching in person.

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McCarthy – Obama’s civilian trials set back war on terror

Andrew McCarthy, leader of the prosecution team who convicted 11 terrorists in civilian court – and frequent guest on the big radio show – discusses the journey to convicting Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and other terrorists in civilian courts.

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Terrorist trial decision made six months ago by White House

Gov. David Paterson (D-N.Y.) is not at all on board with Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to have five Sept. 11 planners brought to New York City for a civilian criminal trial. Supposedly Holder made the decision, and he informed President Obama. Why is Paterson saying the White House warned him this was coming six months ago?

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Lieberman on Fort Hood massacre … terrorism – Update- roundup

Connecting the dots in a way no one in the media seems willing to do. I understand why the President intends to hold back, but as you listen to Joe detailing Hasan’s background, it’s hard not to come to the same conclusion.

“He shouted out according to bystanders the words Allahu Akbar … and the fact that he did that at the moment of these murders if that’s confirmed, raises a genuine concern that this was a terrorist attack.”


Just minutes later Joe warns that not all terror comes from overseas and then proceeds to list the attacks on American soldiers. Connecticut more dots.


The Senator makes a compelling case. How long will the media ignore?

UPDATE: If you want a roundup and links about Colonel Maj. Hasan, Hot Air has a fine post here. (My bad folks. I have Colonel on the brain. It certainly was not my attention to give him a promotion. Still, coming from a Navy family, not bad if that’s my only mistake. Again, sorry)

Col. Ralph Peters on Fort Hood massacre: Podcast – no time for political correctness

Today’s interview with Col. Ralph Peters is below the fold. The colonel has always been a voice of reason when it comes to military matters, Iraq and Afghanistan. A noted soldier, author and columnist, I asked for clarity on the Fort Hood massacre when we set this up and he certainly gives it. Read more