Thousands of government union employees demand tax increases

This my friends, is astroturfing. Just look at all the coordinated signs and T-shirts. Busloads of government union employees gathered in the Illinois state capital to demand lawmakers increase the income tax by 33 percent.

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My tax preparation experience – worse than evah

Although I completed the pre-work involved back in mid-February, it looked like we were going to owe a few dollars to both the federal and state, so I figured there was no rush and I set aside some time this weekend to complete the process.

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47% of households pay no federal income tax

Is the Associated Press just realizing this fact? I wrote about this in 2008 and Rush Limbaugh has had the information on his home page forever. We really are spreading the wealth around when it comes to the federal tax burden in the United States.

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List of tax hikes in current health care legislation H.R. 3590

We’ve been working to document the actual details of the health care legislation in Congress for months, not just the Democrat’s intent mind you, but the actual details. Now, Americans for Tax Reform has published a comprehensive list of tax hikes.

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Bombshell! Connecticut not business friendly

He! I think I could have told them this. Think I have. But coming from the state’s largest private employer it does have impact. Read more

Local taxes not enough – California town to charge $300 for 911 calls

This summer Tracy, California plans to charge residents a $300 fee for 911 medical calls unless you have “purchased” a $48 annual subscription. In my opinion, user fees for parks and other state and local recreation activities may be appropriate, but for emergency services?

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Obama’s version of Obamacare – More taxes to pay for health care

Today, President Obama released his proposal to reform health care, in advance of Thursday’s health care summit. Although it is really just an outline, it appears at first blush to incorporate all of the provisions in both the House and Senate plans that are guaranteed to raise the cost of health care in this country.

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Obama now “agnostic” about tax increases for middle class

One of President Obama’s primary campaign promises was no higher taxes for those earning less that $250,000. The income cut-off fluctuated more than 10 percent on a routine basis in 2008, but now the president is “agnostic” concerning tax increases for those in the income category.

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Obama, Biden – new bank taxes will “get our money back”

Are they friggin’ kidding me? Increasing taxes on large banks to recoup financial “losses” is not going to put one dime into your pocket. They want to sell it to you as putting the screws to big-bank and putting money back in your pocket, but President Obama and Vice President Biden are lying.

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Taxing banks guaranteed to increase fees, tighten lending

President Obama and Secretary Tim “TurboTax Screwed Me” Geitner approached the White House microphone today to bitch and moan about how much bank executives are getting paid, and announced a new tax plan to stick it to big-bank. The problem … big-bank will just pass along the tax burden to you.

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