Boehner and GOP talking about tax increases again

I have a hunch my newsreader feed will once again be populated with posts about this afternoon’s Washington Post story referencing House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) refreshed openness to accepting new revenue. Oh joy. Read more

Geithner- Those tax increases won’t hurt a bit

Of course not. Why would an 8% increase in taxes on the top tax bracket hurt small business? I mean it’s just money they could have used to expand improve or hire. I sure wish the academic wizards of smart would spend a little time running a small business before they make dumb ass statements like this. Read more

Congressional deficit reduction task force – plan due after midterm election

Continuing in the spirit of federal government transparency, Congress authorized creation of a deficit reduction task force this week that will meet privately through the end of 2010. Suggestions and trial balloons will begin to leak in January 2011 to ensure task force ideas would not become fodder of political campaigns.

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You say tomato … I say …

My mom used to sing that song … now the Democrats are singing it too. Tonight’s Neil Cavuto moment comes with West Virginia Democrat Congressman Nick Rahall. Read more