I never met a tax cut that created a job

Is it that they are really this stupid in Congress, or is that they think we are? No, he said it, and this is why the Democrats will never get it. Maybe it’s because most of them are lawyers. Maybe none of them ever took a class in economics. Maybe … I’ve run out of explanations, but surely this one single bite explains why, as Glenn Reynolds always says sarcastically “The country is in the best of hands.”

It starts with Democrat Congressman Gene Green explaining why the stimulus hasn’t worked yet. That explanation alone is reason enough not to give them our money. It takes time for the government to spend money, he says. True … but it lasts an eternity.


You know that tax break of $7.69? The IRS wants some of it Back

Remember how kind and generous we all thought the young President was being when we got that swell tax cut of $7.69?  Yea  the one that increased the amount of your weekly paychecks.  Well , Huston, we have a problem.

The Ap News reporting today that the tax credit was going to provide up to an additional $400 for individuals, and $800 for married couples.  However the IRS withholding tax tables could cause millions of Americans a little headache come April 2010.

Oh and this does not just affect the Hard Working Americans, oh no it even affects retirees!

Like my father said, You don’t ever get something for nothing.

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