Vintage Sound Off Summer Music Fest T-shirts for sale

Jim has a few remaining T-shirts from previous Sound Off Summer Music Festivals sitting in boxes at home, and he figured we might as well sell them. All the shirts are very good quality and will sell for $3 each plus shipping.

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T-shirt Sale: The US Constitution is a BFD – Only $10

Only a few shirts left and then they are gone forever! If you were thinking about purchasing one of our US Constitution – It’s a BFD (big friggin’ deal) T-shirts, you can now pick one up for $10 plus shipping and handling.

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T-Shirts now available – The U.S. Constitution, it’s a BFD

Great news! When we first saw Chris Matthews hold up the health reform T-shirt, making a direct reference to Vice President Biden’s comment about the health care legislation about to be signed, we knew we had to do something.

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