July 4 Tea Party information

For those looking for Tea Party events in Connecticut this weekend, there are three scheduled on July 4 in Hartford, Norwich and Stratford. Read more

Symptom of the Disease: Senator calls regulators for “updates” (3)

Central Pacific Bank received a $135 million injection of capital from the Treasury Department two weeks after Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) had one of his aides contact the FDIC and ask about an application for TARP funds. Nothing illegal here, but doesn’t it smell rotten? Just another symptom of the disease example.

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Symptom of the Disease: Politicians and their investments (Example 2)

For my next Symptom of the Disease example we review politicians and their personal finances. When politicians are involved with the regulation of business, they automatically are privy to a defacto version of insider trading. reports members of the House Financial Services Committee were buying and selling banking and financial service stocks last fall.

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Symptom of the disease: AmeriCorps (Example 1)

I’m starting a new themed series for future posts called Symptom of the disease, in which I will always refer back to this post. The current AmeriCorps story is example one, where it seems Gerald Walpin, the inspector general of AmeriCorps got fired for doing his job a bit too well and stepping on the toes of Obama supporters who were in line to get federal funding for their pet projects.

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