The Heat Is On

OK … lukewarm … but both the Hartford Courant ..

Mr. Dodd should have released the documents months ago. Countrywide was a major player in the subprime mortgage debacle. Five years ago, it issued the loans to Mr. Dodd, then a member of the Senate banking committee, as part of the company’s VIP program, trimming the upfront costs for refinancing two of the senator’s homes and allowing the rates to “float down” as interest rates dropped.

… His continued waffling about whether or when he’ll release the documents only fans speculation. That’s a disservice to Mr. Dodd’s constituents, who deserve straight talk and accountability from the state’s senior senator.

and The Day in New London …

To clear things up, Sen. Dodd’s office promised eight months ago to release all the mortgage documents, but the senator keeps coming up with excuses not to. He now says he will await the completion of a Senate Ethics Committee investigation. He hasn’t explained why, and we haven’t figured out a good reason.

The Wall Street Journal said it well: “Rare is the politician who could clear his name overnight and chooses not to.”

We again ask Sen. Dodd to release the information. He must know that the continued stalling looks very bad.

OK, neither one exactly puts the old boy on the hot seat. So … as a refresher  … here’s the NBC report.


If we’re doing a running tally, it’s us (SOC), Kevin Rennie, Instapundit, NBC News, Rick Green, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and now the Courant and The Day.

Homeowners not applying for federal program offering refinancing

Originally, this post was referring to an AP story about more companies lining up for a piece of the bailout fund. But alas, hidden within that story was a little treasure about the HOPE for Homeowners program passed by Congress in October to help those at risk of foreclosure or default refinance their debt and stay in their home.

Like all federal programs that hand out dollars to states, municipalities or individuals, strings are attached. Maybe that’s why only 312 applications for the program have been received.

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