Obama: Seeking Greater Moral Authority with … Iran?

Because you can never increase your moral standing too high when you are trying to deal with a megalomaniacal, holocaust denying, homosexual jailing, Israel annihilating leader. Thus, says the one, let’s start disarming because then we’ll have firmer ground to stand on when we deal with Ahmadinejad.  Oh and make special note, he would like to be known for defeating the terrorists. Once again, albeit briefly, channeling “W”.


I hope he wins the war on terror too. But I can assure you, nuclear disarmament will not get Iran to stand down.

For your info … The Teleprompter did make an appearance today. You can check his blog on the front page.


Obama Channels George W Bush

Oh the left will not like this speech. It’s Obama at this morning’s town hall meeting in Strasbourg, France (I know, sounds silly, but true). Standing before the youth of France and Germany, Obama tried to make the case for the “surge” in Afghanistan. Hey, come on, it’s a surge. Read more