Obama stimulus program provided $600,000 for free trees to wealthy

So Denver gets a bunch of stimulus cash to spend – and they really HAVE to spend it – so they buy a bunch of saplings and go door to door around Denver asking property owners if they would like a free tree planted in their yard.

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Trouble for another “green” investment?

Ener1, a company based in New York, makes lithium ion batteries for electric cars. But, it has run into financial trouble.  On Friday, it was delisted from trading on the Nasdaq.  Unfortunately, Ener1 was the recipient of over $100 million in grants from President Obama’s Stimulus Act. Read more

Less “green” energy

The month of August was not good to solar energy. Nor was it good to taxpayers. Read more

Why “stimulus” is a bad word

An article in today’s Orlando Sentinel provides a graphic demonstration of why the American public is fed up with Washington’s “solution” to this country’s economic woes. Read more