Obama on poverty: Let’s just get rid of it by raising the minimum wage!

Brilliant! I consider myself a relatively smart person, I know a lot of things about a few subjects and I’ve dabbled a little bit when it comes to running a small business, working for Fortune 50s, and even helping out at start-ups … but I never had the idea to raise the minimum wage to wipe-out poverty.

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Obama goes for the emotional gun control response – shows zero rational thought

I’m sorry about the flurry of gun control posts on the blog during the last 45 days, but I just can not let stand the outright lies and distortions coming from politicians and talking-heads who tweak their message to appeal to the emotional side of the low-information voter.

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What will the State of the Union address?

In January, Pew Research conducted a telephone poll asking the public what their top priorities were.  Here are the results. Read more

Obama State of the Union recycle-mania and Gov. Mitch Daniels response

The GOP was quick to the trigger with the recycle-my-previous-speeches video in reference to President Obama’s State of the Union campaign speech last night. Included is the GOP video and the GOP response from Gov. Mitch Daniels (R).

Note: I think there is a good chance you can go through previous State of the Unions and find similar rhetoric during three to seven consecutive years of a president’s term, but probably not to this extent.



Rand Paul Speaks … making sense

It seems everyone has a response now to the SOTU but I am choosing to highlight Senator Rand Paul’s response because he does not hold back, he makes sense, and he, unlike so many others, understands the gravity of the problem. “The fact is the cat’s out of the bag …” Read more

CK speaks: Obama solidifies the Democrats as party of big government UPDATE: Obama video plus transcript

Worth the listen … not much commentary needed. Read more

George Will: Hey, that State of the Union … it’s nothing more than stroking erogenous zones

Well … I think he’s right. Afterall, most of these speeches ultimatelty are “pep rallies”. But not just for the party in power, although that most assuredly is the biggest draw. But also for the American people. Still aren’t we past this? Read more

Obama’s approval index back to pre-SOTU levels

Two days ago John Hinderacker over at Power Line Blog noted President Obama’s approval ratings were back to the pre-State of the Union levels. After the Scott Brown-induced speech, Obama is back to an approval index of -15 in the most recent Rasmussen poll.

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Not True: Justice Alito hits back UPDATE: President wrong UPDATE 2: Media hits back

Hmmm. Can’t the one One get through a speech without getting called on something he’s said. From the Poltico:

POLITICO’s Kasie Hunt, who’s in the House chamber, reports that Justice Samuel Alito mouthed the words “not true” when President Barack Obama criticized the Supreme Court’s campaign finance decision.

Hot Air has more here. You can watch for yourself. Read more