Did Connecticut get the memo?

Between August 29 and September 5 a survey was conducted of voters in ten states on behalf of the Manhattan Institute. The results are interesting.  More than 75% of those polled said that their state faced serious budget problems this year, and almost 70% said the problem was resolved by budget cuts, not higher taxes. Read more

Democrats come to Jesus moment … now deficit hawks

Somehow I never saw this coming, but maybe I should have. But as you will see below the fold, I think on a state level some Democrats, faced with the reality of billions in deficits, really do get it. On the federal level, not so much. Read more

How to recognize the union tax

With the election over, state legislatures will begin meeting early next year to deal with, among other things, state budgets.  Of course, it is no secret that virtually every state is facing serious financial difficulties, and, let’s face it, significantly decreased tax revenue over the past few years.  So, balancing the budgets won’t be easy. Read more