State of Connecticut Not Better after Tax Hikes

I am amazed that the lights are still on here in the great state of Connecticut.  What even amazes me more is that this state after the largest tax increase in history by the Malloy Administration has still resulted in a deficit. Read more

Warren Buffett wants you to like him … really like him

I have this theory about mega-rich people being occasionally embarrassed by their own fortune. It’s only a theory, but with Warren Buffett’s recent op-ed in the New York Times I think his post is partly about wanted to be liked by people. Maybe he wants you to click on the Like button on his Facebook page.

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Education and opinion polls

Do you ever hear the results of an opinion poll and think to yourself, how could that possibly be true?  A recent poll conducted about funding for education will answer that question. Read more

Never – ever – believe the “we’ll cut government spending” line

Lawrence Kudlow over at Investor Business Daily reminds us the federal government never, ever really “cuts spending.”

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Dan Mitchell sends warning to GOP – Cut spending or get run out of town

This is very Dan Mitchell and very CATO but still a good reminder to all. Read more