Solyndra, Part III UPDATE

We’ve done two posts about Solyndra recently.  The first explained that the solar panel manufacturing company which had received $535 million in loan guarantees as part of the Stimulus Bill, had abrubtly closed its doors last week.  The second explained that one of the Solyndra investors was a Tulsa billionaire who, coincidently, had contributed to the President Obama’s campaign. Read more

The Solyndra plot thickens

We did a post yesterday about the bankruptcy of Solyndra, a company that manufactures solar panels, and received a $535 loan guarantee to construct a new plant in Fremont,California.  It now seems that there is far more to this story than originally thought. Read more

Less “green” energy

The month of August was not good to solar energy. Nor was it good to taxpayers. Read more

Evergreen Solar

While on the subject of energy, those of you who do not live in the Bay State may not be aware of Massachusetts’s recent venture into solar power.  Succinctly put, it isn’t pretty. Read more