Cong. Bacerra uses his wallet to explain why Social Security isn’t a problem

I think the analogy would’ve been much more appropriate had Congressman Xavier Becerra pulled out one of his credit cards instead of his daughters US savings bond, but that’s just me. I’m posting the soundbite not because I think it has anything to do with the debt crisis, but to show you one more example of how Democrats will spin any lie to save one of their precious programs. Read more

Symptom of the Disease: $6.5 billion in SSI disability overpayments in 2009

Oh heck … only $6.5 billion? When you have a centralized federal government program designed to hand disability payments directly to individuals, it’s kind of like having the executive leadership of General Motors changing the oil in your SUV. It’s an unsuitable arrangement, and as such, a symptom of the disease.

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Our true national debt

We all know that the federal government has “hit” the debt ceiling of $14.294 trillion that Congress has authorized.  So, Congress is now looking at “where we go” from here.  But, here is what you may not know. Read more

More “unexpected” news: Medicare and Social Security going broke sooner than expected

Everything with this administration seems to be “unexpected”…from higher unemployment, to higher gas prices, to higher food prices.  We now have a new “unexpected”.

Friday the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds issued their annual report.  You can read a summary here, but it isn’t pretty. Read more

Check out how Gov. Christie deals with a Social Security question

Not a third rail for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R). During a visit to Washington, D.C. yesterday, Michael Barone asked Christie if he thought Social Security was still the third rail of politics nobody wanted to touch.

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The disgrace of human shields and the progressive agenda

Nothing is sacred when it comes to the mostly Democrat party use of human shields to defend all of their progressive programs, big government. Not Tucson, not Nazi Germany and the holocaust … nothing. The latest edition in this continuing narrative comes from South Carolina, where a progressive group is running a TV ad using a human shield to “save social security”. The problem with this though, as with most human shields, it does not apply to the problem at hand. Read more

New Jersey Dumbocrat stands up for the retirement benefits of … 5 year olds?

Correct. Well actually Neil Cavuto catches New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell in an old Democrat talking point … “We won’t balance the budget on the backs of seniors”, wherein the Congressman had a little trouble walking it back. If it weren’t so sad,it would be funny. But alas, it’s a pathetic commentary on the state of politics in America. Read more

Medicare drops mom with cancer – probably will get treatment

I’ll be honest here, I’m not certain if we have the full story, but it is disturbing none-the-less. A mom undergoing treatment for cancer was denied a procedure because her income level went “too high” after Social Security suggested she sign her son up for disability benefits.

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Bernanke floats trial balloon – eventually must deal with entitlements

The federal government has floated another trial balloon reminding American’s we’ve got some serious obligations to pay out in the next few years. They seem to be softening everyone up for tax increases and entitlement cuts.

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Federal government looks to private IRAs and 401(k)s to fund deficit

This week, the U.S. Treasury will ask for comments on the conversion of private IRA and 401(k) funds into government annuities backed by Treasury bills. You’ve been doing a good job saving for retirement, and President Obama’s administration sees your investments as a solution to their problem.

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