25% of Social Security disability benefits may be paid out improperly

And the hits keep coming for the Obama administration! OK … it’s not just the Obama administration, it’s the culture of federal government dependency that has been growing for decades. A Senate panel reviewed 300 disability case files and found 25 percent “failed to properly address insufficient, contradictory, or incomplete evidence.”

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Annual social security and medicare trust fund report

It is a must for every citizen of the United States to have a Social Security Number. And thanks to the online Application Filing Service, now people can apply for one from anywhere they like. Today, the Board of Trustees for the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds issued their annual report.  You can find a summary of the report by clicking here.  Bottom line, we are now “broker” than we thought last year. Read more

Nothing to see here… Social Security “Trust Fund” takes $1 trillion hit in just one year

We keep quietly kicking the can down the road. The Congressional Budget Office released new projections concerning Social Security funding late last week.

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It is unclear tonight whether the defunding of Social Security and Medicare will continue for another two months or another year or, not at all.  Congress, at least those not already on vacation, are still pondering this. Read more

Republicans are finally “catching on”

In other last minute  negotiations, it appears that the one year, temporary payroll tax cut will become a bit more permanent, at least for another year.  This time, however, the Republicans apparently realized that the word “concession” doesn’t mean caving in to Democrats’ demands. Read more

The Senate’s Social Security/Medicare “bait and switch”

This week, the Senate will take up a bill concerning extending the reduction in the amount of taxes Americans pay to fund Social Security and Medicare.  The bill contemplates extension of the lower tax rate Democrats, at the urging of President Obama, put in place two years ago as a “temporary” measure to boost the economy.  Read more

This could have been your Social Security

While politicians argue about what, if anything to do with Social Security, maybe we should look at life without Social Security. Read more

Saving Social Security with personal retirement accounts

Our featured video for the next day or so. Courtesy Dan Mitchell from the Cato Institute.

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More good news from Washington

We learned in May that the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds reported that the Social Security Disability Fund is expected to go broke in 2018.  Of course, it is already broke as all it has are government IOU’s, but that’s not the reason for the post. Read more

No excuse for Obama’s statement about Social Security checks

The man is a liar, and although I have great respect for the office and have in the past exclusively “attacked” his policies, I have to wonder if the man himself is a bit of a delusional nut who thinks he’s got – in this example – seniors and others on Social Security “in the bag.”

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