Isn’t ØBAMACARE supposed to fix our healthcare system?

While some will say that the complaints about ØBAMACARE (I am making this Øbama’s trademark, since there is a move to restrict the use of the term in political advertising) are “future hypotheticals”, there are aspects of ØBAMACARE that are occurring as we speak, and they do not bode well.

The Wall St. Journal recently printed an editorial titled The Bush-Øbama Rx Shortages.  It indicates that a number of lifesaving cancer drugs are in short supply due to price controls.  ØBAMACARE us all about “keeping prices low”, i.e. price fixing.  As we learned during the Nixon years, price controls do little but cause supply to decrease.

We are seeing analogous effects in the number of physicians that will accept Medicare patients when challenged by more and more payment cuts.  More cuts, fewer doctors.  In this case, cut the price, less medicine.  To be sure, as the title indicates, this legislation started with Bush, and to his credit, Øbama has actually recognized this growing problem, but the proposed fixes are as incompetent (read it: government based) as the original legislation.

The inevitable problem arises from the fact that ØBAMACARE’s solutions are all based in government control of prices and services, and as this “anecdote” indicates, the unintended consequences of these price controls are certainly not unforeseeable.  Couple this with FDA delays on drug approval extending as long as two and a half years, you have a perfect storm of legislative stupidity that will effectively destroy a system that was, at least as far as these drugs were concerned, working well.  But politicians always think they know best, and will continue to monkey with a system that had worked out a price/supply balance for effective cancer drugs.  Isn’t it better to have available but expensive drugs rather than unavailable inexpensive drugs?

As the article concludes, this is a problem that leads to compromised care and will allow people to die.  If you think ØBAMACARE will fix this, you are laboring under an unsupportable misconception.  It will do nothing but make the situation worse, in the short and long run.

Politicians simply don’t know what they are doing, and should not be allowed to tinker, excuse me,and effectively nationalize the country’s healthcare system.