Video: Officer defends himself, shoots teen near Ferguson, Mo.

Overnight, a police officer shot and killed a teenager outside a gas station in Berkeley, Mo. just west of Ferguson. I almost never write about breaking news anymore. Usually when some sort of tragic event happens, the information in the first hours or days turns out to be totally wrong. But today, I’ll make an exception to reference how the story is being told at the outset.

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NRA Basic Pistol class scheduled for March 17 & 18

My next NRA Basic Pistol class will be held on Monday and Tuesday, March 17 & 18 starting at 6 p.m. each night. An ideal number of students for me is six, and I think I have three, so I’d like to again reach out to readers to see if they are interested.

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Nine bystanders injured by NYPD during shooting – Mayor & police commissioner reaction

As I’m certain you’ve heard, two are dead, multiple people were injured and some shot after a disgruntled former employee killed a co-worker in New York City and walked away. Two police officers were notified and followed. The man drew his weapon, turned it towards the two officers and they responded with 14 rounds, some of which hit the target and killed him.

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Breaking – Marines stationed at US Embassy in Mexico injured in shooting

This isn’t about the southern border of the United States, running drugs or running guns. This is a significant issue the government of Mexico has an they must be proactive to deal with it. We do not know the circumstances, but the first reports are worrisome.

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Krauthammer: Loughner was sick … very sick

I will take heat for this I am sure, but as we pointed out yesterday, when others were debating rhetoric, Jared Loughner showed every indication he was sick, mentally sick. Not a whacko, not nuts, not looney, not a sociopath, and all of the other terms that have been used to describe him. As psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer points out so well, he demonstrated all of the symptoms of a classic schizophrenic. Take the time to listen please. Read more

Tragedy in Tuscon – the people matter

I was not tempted at all to jump into posting as events in Tuscon, Arizona unfolded Saturday afternoon. It was time for quiet reflection to remember those killed and injured, as well as those who stepped up to help immediately after the shooting and the first responders.

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