Bret Baier has to explain again … Fox News did not mention Sherrod until after she resigned

I’ve heard from people who frequent Radio Vice Online and listen to the big radio show state Fox News commentators pushed Breitbart’s Sherrod video and suggested she had to resign immediately during the day, before she resigned. Bret Baier responds.

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The racist right wing talkers have too much power over …. Obama?

Oh … how much longer must we put up with these, you know, racists? How much longer will they exert their influence over, not just crazy right wingers, but … be still my heart … the President. Here’s a quick recap of the lefty wizzards of smart (hat tip Rush Limbaugh) last night on cable. The premise: the President is not to blame for firing Shirley Sherrod … it’s Fox News, righty blogs, righty talkers, yada yada, etc. etc. who forced his ever gentle, always accommodating hand that wields the power.

For your viewing pleasure, I think. A lineup of Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Cynthia Tucker (Atlanta Journal), someone named Errol Lewis (NY Daily News), and Wayne Henderson. Nothing like throwing around charges that someone is racist without … ummm … proof?


Got that? The right snookered the President and the media. Matthews is right … it is crap. Here’s the exit question, as AP would say at Hot Air. Who would have though Andy Breitbart and Fox News had this much power over the President?

CK to the Left: You scream raaaaaacist the loudest when you are losing the argument

Indeed. Charles Krauthammer never fails to bring clarity to an argument, or rather, unfounded charges. Remember the Shirley Sherrod story exploded after the NAACP decided to label the Tea Party folks, like me, as racists, without proof and based on nothing more than wild accusations. But when you have lost the big government is the answer argument (proven by a foundering economy) then what other card can you play. Read more