Senate votes to “rein in” EPA’s regulation of carbon emissions

The above headline is a bit misleading, but, so too, are 12 Democrat, and one Republican senators. Let me explain. Read more

Matthews goes nuts on Senator Sherrod Brown, “You blew it”

An awesomely awesome lecture from Matthews to lefty, and may I say, endangered Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown, on why Democrats like he should not be hammering Obama for making a deal. It’s fun watching the left melt down, especially when their own wholly owned subsidiary MSNBC lights the match. Read more

Brown to Maddow: We will never give up on single payer

No, not that Brown. Famous Dem lefty Senator Sherrod Brown. I post this only so you can understand what it means to be a progressive. They measure time in decades, not Congressional terms. They measure victory incrementally. The creeping progress of progressivism never stops and this my friends … single payer … is the Crown Jewel.

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