SEIU union collecting dues from parents who are caregivers for their children

In Michigan, the state and the SEIU created a collaborative crime syndicate to bilk care-giving parents of more than $28 million intended to care for disabled children. Nobody is stepping up to take responsibility, and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy says the Republican-controlled state Senate is part of the problem.

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Union schemes and scams: notes on the forced unionization of daycare workers and health aides.

Driving home tonight, I had some thoughts on today’s announcement of the unionization of Connecticut daycare workers and personal care attendants for the disabled and senior citizens:

  1. Did all 6,200 care workers actually receive ballots?   Were they alerted about the importance and arrival of the ballots ahead of time?
  2. Did they all know that it only took a majority of the RETURNED ballots to trigger a union?
  3. Who counted the ballots?
  4. Did they know that the legislature refused to vote on this due to the uproar raised by the recipients of this care?
  5. Do they know that their dues will siphon about $2.5 million away from their incomes, directly deducted from their  Care 4 Kids state reimbursements?  Directly from the mouths of children directly into the coffers of SEIU 2001, which effectively means laundered and delivered for Malloy’s next election?

Consider how easy it would be to fill out ballots “for” people that were supposed to receive them in the mail.  Consider how easy it would be to make the mailings look like junk mail so they would be missed.  Consider how easy it would be to mobilize a mere 1,600+ people to vote for the union (they recently pulled their stealth scheme in Wisconsin and Michigan, and they are perfecting their deviousness with the aid of complicit politicians.  Is it any wonder that they hate Scott Walker so much!).  Consider that this is the most unAmerican, unpatriotic thing I have seen the Democrats do in a while.  To wit: how different is state sponsored and required membership in a union from state sponsored and required membership in a particular religion?  Think about it.  State sponsored and enforced participation in what should be elective activity is unconstitutional, immoral and unfair.

One has to wonder if Malloy would be equally quick to issue an executive order to make Connecticut a “right to work” state?  I think not, given his incestuous relationship with the unions.  When the unions control, and in this case, own, their alleged employer, or that employer is essentially hired by the employees, what happens to the adversarial relationship that unions and employers are expected to have?  It merely demonstrates why public employee unions should be, at minimum, highly restricted in their economic or political relationship with the administration.

This is merely a sneaky implementation of “card check”, which is a sleazy, smarmy, unAmerican way to coerce workers to join unions who may not want to otherwise.  Right to work, secret ballots and free choice are the antithesis of the modern union.  It makes you wonder why the so called “Democratic” Party would embrace organizations based on such thuglike, undemocratic tactics.  The bottom line: would unions have to hatch all of these deceptive schemes if people were clamoring to be in a union?

These indentured union workers should take a page from the unions and go on strike.  From SEIU and their lickspittle lapdog, Dannel (formerly known as Dan) P. Malloy.

The NLRB strikes again

Earlier this week the National Labor Relations Board proposed new rules concerning the vote by employees to join, or not join a union.  Apparently not content with simply an attempt to halt Boeing from opening a new plant in South Carolina, a right to work state, the NLRB is forging ahead in other areas. Read more

Wisconsin public unions…it’s all about the money

This morning Jim read from an article about public unions, and their “contribution” to our country.  In case you missed the show, or, would like to read the full article, here is the link.  What follows are some of the highlights, or perhaps lowlights, which will explain graphically why you are seeing the show down in Wisconsin, and perhaps, a showdown in a state near you.

Indeed, public-sector unions especially have become the nation’s most aggressive advocates for higher taxes and spending… they mount multimillion dollar campaigns to defeat efforts by governors and taxpayer groups to roll back taxes.

Why?  To pay for the salaries, benefits and pensions of public employees.

In Oregon last year, the voters approved ballot measures that increased taxes by $727 million.

Led by $2 million from the Oregon Education Association and $1.8 million from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), unions contributed an estimated 75% of the nearly $7 million raised to promote the tax increases… [emphasis supplied].

In Washington state last year, an effort was made to raise taxes by $2 billion by increasing taxes on those making more than $200,000 per year.  Although the measure was defeated,

state and national SEIU locals gave $2.5 million, while the National Education Association and Washington teachers union locals contributed $900,000 to the $6 million campaign for the new income tax. [emphasis supplied]

In New Jersey,

[t]he New Jersey Education Association collects about $100 million a year in dues from its 203,000 members; last spring the union spent $300,000 a week, according to the head of the union, for radio ads urging tax increases on the rich instead of budget cuts. [emphasis supplied]

And, on the national level,

 the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (Afscme) has been the third-biggest contributor to federal campaigns over the past 20 years, having given $43 million. The National Education Association is number eight with $31 million in contributions, while the SEIU—half of whose 2.2 million members are government workers—is No. 10, with $29 million in campaign donations. [emphasis supplied]

Where did that money go, you ask?

…[S]ome 95% of government workers’ donations has gone to the Democratic Party, whose members are far more likely to favor raising taxes and boosting spending than are members of the Republican Party.

So, the next time you see a teacher protesting in Wisconsin, or hear an ad extolling the virtues of raising taxes on the rich, understand that it has nothing to do with the children, or the needy, or the sick.  It is solely about raising the money to continue to pay the bloated salaries, benefits and pensions of government union employees.

Don’t believe that last statement?  According to a chart in the print version of this article, per the Department of Labor, on average, private workers are paid $19.68 per hour, state and local government workers, $26.25; 74% of private workers have retirement benefits, while 99% of state and local workers do; 86% of private workers have medical benefits, while 99% of state and local workers do; and private workers pay 20% of their insurance premiums, while state and local workers pay 11%.

How to recognize the union tax

With the election over, state legislatures will begin meeting early next year to deal with, among other things, state budgets.  Of course, it is no secret that virtually every state is facing serious financial difficulties, and, let’s face it, significantly decreased tax revenue over the past few years.  So, balancing the budgets won’t be easy. Read more

SEIU members: Are you proud your brethren terrorized a teenager?

I’m serious. Are you OK with the tactics the SEIU leadership – and 500 members – took when they headed into a residential area to “protest” at the home of Greg Baer, deputy general council for corporate law at Bank of America? They did not just protest. They surrounded the house, got on the porch, used bullhorns and started screaming. Pure intimidation.

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SEIU thugs think Eagle Scout candidate volunteering too much

SEIU members think they are entitled to work and make money. Of course, if there is no government money to fund projects and volunteers step in and take up the slack, union thugs are demanding all work stop. It’s not fair!

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Change we can believe in … or else

From Hot Air … I think this picture says it all. WHPS Gibbs says he’s seen a lot of heat on both sides … but the thugery is only on one side. From the Denver Post today. Read more