Mark Levin: “The Liberty Amendments”

I’ve barely gotten through the first 20 pages of Mark Levin’s new book, The Liberty Amendments, and I’ve confirmed again that Mark and I are on the same wavelength. Hopefully I’ll have time to read a bit this week and get through the book. Heck, I’ll make time … will you?

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Video – Hannity vs. Keith Ellison on the sequester

Jim asked me to post the video from Sean Hannity’s show last night and the interview with Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.). To say this was an embarrassment for Ellison would be the understatement of the week.

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What did Bill Clinton know about Waco, and when did he know it?

Interesting video from last night’s Hannity program with Dick Morris. The discussion – concerning the TEA Party movement and how it could/might lead to or encourage violence – occurred during a segment discussing the Waco Branch Davidian Compound siege and Oklahoma City bombing.

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Generation Zero segment on Hannity – full video

The Generation Zero segment from Hannity’s show on Fox last week is now available on Vimeo.

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They’re Not Acting Like Investors

Imagine that. Jack Welch, Former GE CEO appearing on Hannity last night I think make a critical point regarding government money being poured into American businesses. They are devaluing their own investment. and perhaps insuring their failure?