Catastrophic and Illegitimate

Your daily dose of Krauthammer. Charles analyzes all of the Democrat options on health care if Scott Brown wins tomorrow in the Bay State. None of them are good. But why spoil the fun … the headline says it all.


If you have friends up the road. Call them. Please. We need to stop this health care bill. Please. That’s not just a political statement. It’s personal now.

Obama plans to head to Massachusetts to campaign for Coakley

Ben Smith over at Politico is reporting that President Obama will visit the Bay State prior to Tuesday’s special election for US Senate. With one poll indicating Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coalkey is down by four points, they need to call in The One.

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Prediction – Brown beats Coakley in Massachusetts US Senate showdown

Personally, I’m not going to make a prediction as I’m assuming things can swing big-time this weekend. But, I was speaking with Jim on Wednesday night and he flat out told me Scott Brown was going to win in Massachusetts. Today, he asked me to post his prediction.

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Why the health care industry is behind Coakley in Massachusetts

Speculation everywhere concerning why health care insurance and pharmaceutical companies are tossing money at Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley in support of her bid for Senate. When you’re a big company, you’ve got to play both sides.

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Union workers paid to stump for Coakley in Massachusetts – Video

I did spell Massachusetts correctly right? Lots of news today from the Martha Coakley versus Scott Brown special election for United States Senate. During the debate last night, some “supporters” of Coakley were paid $50 to stand outside in the cold in support of “their” candidate for Senate.

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Red Invades Blue – Scott Brown collects more than $525k today

I’m not at all convinced that Scott Brown – Republican candidate for the state’s special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat – will be successful, but this election proves to me the management of state-wide elections to national office has totally been turned on it’s head.

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