Brown chastised caller for suggesting New START treaty limits US response to chemical/biological attack

Sen. Scott Brown (D-Mass.) might have some explaining to do. During a call-in segment on the Howie Carr Show yesterday about 5:45 p.m. ET, a caller was not happy he (Brown) voted for the New START treaty. The caller stated the US would not be able to respond to a chemical or biological attack with nukes.

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Your Chris Matthews moment of the night

Yeah, it’s a slow news night, and it’s not like Matthews got a tingle, or forgot Obama was black, or called creationists troglodytes, or … oh forget it. It still made me chuckle. Read more

I drive a truck!

A little tribute to New England’s first indy Republican, Scott Brown. From the Simsbury alt country band Littlehouse. And it is very good. Catch the Scott Brown slides in the background. Classic. Enjoy. Hat Tip to long time RVO reader Mark. Read more

Drudge asking if Brown will run for president (Update)

Why is he asking the question? I don’t think the Republican party is actively out there looking for candidates, and I have not even considered if Senator-elect Scott Brown would be qualified for the position.

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The people’s seat! UPDATE: How’s last week’s prediction look now?

He calls it a victory for independents, not once but three times. He says he will be seated immediately. The crowd chants. He says it is the people’s seat. And the crowd goes wild. It’s a must watch. Read more

Matthews on Brown: What’s his name? UPDATE: Call him Senator

Call it liberal indifference. Call it elitism. Call it nothing matters to the left except your party, your candidate, everything else, names, policy positions, etc. is immaterial. You think they dismiss you summarily. Watch this. Read more

Absentee ballots in Massachusetts on election day?

You would think absentee ballots would be one of those documents strictly controlled, not something a community activist would have stacks of. Except of course…

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Massachusetts election updates – polls crowded, people excited

FINAL UPDATE: With this election over … please check main page for concession and victory speech here. Coakley concession now on line.

Forget what you hear from the national press about the weather. This is New England and Bay Staters are excited. They (national media) don’t know the region and so they look for stuff to say. Well my buddy Jeff Jacoby does. Read more

Olbermann calls Scott Brown worst person in the world

Olbermann is nuts. This is what Democrats and wacko-liberals do when they are completely desperate. For all of you Democrats out there … what’s your take on MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann?

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Cavuto on Brown, Obama and pickup trucks – Off his rocker

Not to mention out of touch. I’ve heard Neil go crazy on this administration before but mostly for good sound economic reasons. You know, “It’s not your money.” But this is the first time I have seen him go after this administration for being, ummm, elitist. Read more