California balances budget with your money

Finally, the state of California has passed a budget. This is good news as the state’s fiscal year began over three months ago, and there was reason to believe that the state would have to issue IOU’s to pay it’s bills if no budget was passed. There is more good news in that the budget is actually balanced as is required by state law.

But, there is only one small problem, that is, unless you live in California.  The budget is balanced by assuming that the state will receive $5.4 billion from the federal government.  Of course, that’s $5.4 billion that our federal government must borrow from somewhere as we are already some $13 trillion in debt.

That’s $5.4 billion that each and every American will have to pay for whether they live in California or not.

California has become the poster child for irresponsible spending, caving in to virtually every demand made by its public unions including gold plated pensions, gold plated health care and ever increasing salaries.  Now, everyone in the country gets to pay for their irresponsible spending.

 Is it any wonder why we have tea parties?  Is it any wonder why most Americans are fed up with government?

Quote of the week: “It is reprehensible that anyone would use taxpayer money for anything other than its intended purpose”

Got a good chuckle today when I read California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (R) comment concerning welfare recipients using state-funded debit cards at casino ATMs across the state.

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Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg whack Obamacare

Trouble in paradise? Is this just the begnning of state and city blowback on the Nelson payoff. Hmmmm? Is it? The countries two best know Republican liberals are already pushing back against the Senate/ House/ Obama Health bill that they know will cost them plenty. Period. Read more

California budget ballons 40 percent in four years – still running out of cash

Where have we heard this type of rhetoric before? A California state official is claiming the state is going to run out of cash in 60 days unless the legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger get on the same page and make some changes.

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Confirmed again – Schwarzenegger not a conservative

From either the conservatives-already-knew-this or Rush-told-you-so files; Arnold, the muscle-clad governor of California, confirmed once again that he is indeed, not a conservative. Nanny State Alert!

Since California has now become the first state in the Union to ban trans fats, I’m wondering what is next. Since I have a friend that occasionally gets sick to her stomach when she smells beef on a barbecue, I’m thinking that we need to outlaw outdoor grilling. We’ve already made smokers second-class citizens so why not the 42 year-old BBQin’ dads too? Read more