Political correctness run amok

Last week the Oregon Board of Education passed a new regulation prohibiting any public school from using a  team name, logo or mascot that “depicts or refers to an American Indian Tribe, individual, custom or tradition”.  All schools must comply, or risk cuts in state funding. Read more

Maryland schools have foreign teachers on staff, but Americans available

The Maryland public school just got hit with a $4.2 million tab to pay for the H1-B visas of more than 1,000 teachers on staff. Why are we retaining foreign teachers when we have 6.8 percent unemployment in Maryland and 9.2 percent in the United States?

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Not the Onion: Texas school to photograph kids’ lunch trays – count calories

More nanny state crap promoted by and funded by the federal government. I am so sure the Founding Fathers envisioned spending tax dollars on a program to make a digital record of calorie intake by each grade-school kid under the temporary care of the government.

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Brookline School asks permission to say the Pledge of Allegiance

Well, one, it’s in Massachusetts, two, it’s Brookline, three … well you get the idea, right? A report from Boston’s Fox 25 news and a very merry one indeed. Apparently a Bay State law requires that state schools say the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each say. This school in Brookline has been resisting. They finally have capitulated … once a week. But it gets even better. Read more