More government waste

If you have children in school, you already know where this post is going.  If not, read on to learn how the government is wasting your tax dollars in yet another venue. Read more

Thank you, Michelle, for making our kids healthy

As you know, one of the First Lady’s main programs is healthy food for the children. The theory goes, if they just ate healthier, childhood obesity, diabetes and heart problems would disappear. This is so important that the federal government recently updated its “dietary guidelines”.  The Los Angeles school district tried that, and the results are stunning. Read more

Discounted broadband and computers for participants of school lunch program

Is access to the Internet with broadband speed now a right? There is no information provided in the story to let us know if this is a program fully funded by Internet service providers or if the federal government is subsidizing the program.

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All kids in Detroit public schools to get free federal government-supplied lunch

Federal officials who are fond of feeding children in need have determined the self esteem of kids has suffered because they get a free lunch at school. So instead of promoting programs to lift the spirits of the kids -and improve the economic situation for the families – they’re going to give free lunches to all the kids.

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Not the Onion: Texas school to photograph kids’ lunch trays – count calories

More nanny state crap promoted by and funded by the federal government. I am so sure the Founding Fathers envisioned spending tax dollars on a program to make a digital record of calorie intake by each grade-school kid under the temporary care of the government.

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Nanny State: Students forbidden from bringing lunch from home

Is this isolated or does it happen in other places too? A Chicago public elementary school forbids students from bringing their own lunches to school in and effort to control what they eat.

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