New Haven Mayor: Give illegal aliens right to vote in city elections

How does one respond to such a suggestion? New Haven, Connecticut Mayor John DeStefano (D) is asking the state to allow their city to include illegal alien votes in municipal elections. New Haven is notably a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, as they are welcomed by the mayor and provided ID cards to illegals starting in the summer of 2007 using a private grant.

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Perez signs sanctuary city ordinance

Eddie Perez, mayor of Hartford, Conn., has just signed the city ordinance mentioned here and here. No replies to my e-mails, and The Hartford Courant continues to ignore the issue; comments are turned off for today’s story.

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Los Angeles really goes over deep end – demands office space for day laborers

Imagine this. You own a business on a street where a illegal aliens tend to congregate. Illegal aliens – and probably some U.S. citizens – hang out there in hopes of someone driving by and offering them a few hours of work.

These gathering places have developed from coast to coast. Since many of these day laborers work construction and landscape jobs, they tend to hang out near big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes.

Now imagine your town passing an ordinance that requires you – the law abiding business owner – to construct a building that provides shelter, bathrooms, trash cans, drinking water, Internet access, English tutoring, free long distance calls, a copy machine and a Western Union office to the day laborers. Read more

Update: Hartford city council approves sanctuary city ordinance

The open borders advocates – who not only welcome illegal aliens but encourage them to steal public services – have almost won another battle. The Hartford City Council passed an ordinance last night – written about last month here at Conservative247 – that bars the Hartford Police Department from inquiring about immigration status.

I say almost won since Hartford’s mayor, Eddie Perez, has not signed the ordinance into law yet. There is still time to get your point of view heard. Read more

Hartford to go for sanctuary city status

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Not to be outdone by New Haven, a sanctuary city that will issue a city ID no-questions-asked, Hartford, Connecticut is considering an ordinance that will prevent the Hartford Police Department’s law enforcement officers from arresting or detaining illegal aliens that have administrative (non-criminal) warrants.

Yes, read that again. Even if ICE has tagged these criminals for deportation, this ordinance prevents police officers in Hartford from holding them and contacting the Feds for a pick-up. As far as the Hartford City Council is concerned, it’s a federal problem and they don’t want to have anything to do with it.

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