Red flags all over Menendez private charter flight story

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) should be in huge trouble. Last week, I called for his immediate resignation not due to the ongoing Dominican Republic underage prostitute allegations, rather is $60,000 late “payment” to a political friend and donor for two chartered jet flights to the island.

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Senator, You Are Scaring Me

This is a classic interview and you need to watch the whole four minutes. Please! Senator Robert Menendez spouting the Obama claim that his tax rates will be lower than under Ronald Reagan which is patently false. The Reagan administration cut taxes from a top rate of 70% to 28%.

Cavuto calls Menendez on this and what follows is indeed comedy gold. To be fair Menendez at first is confused and thinks they are just talking capital gains … but even when Cavuto clarifies that he is referring to the top “income tax rate”, Menendex reverts to the “95% of Americans get $1000”.

When he is called on that number, he just denies. Lovely. Cavuto’s response to that? “Senator, you are scaring me.”