Coulter writes: Dear Sarah Palin, Please endorse Rob Simmons

Now this is a wake up call Connecticut and tells you that some people still consider Connecticut important. Ann Coulter in her column this morning is pleading with Sarah Palin, the Queen maker, to make a new King in … Connecticut, former Congressman Rob Simmons. Coulter is from Connecticut and has a stake in this one, but is the timing too late? Read more

Campaign starts early – Democrats go after Simmons

On Sunday, Rob Simmons, former member of the U.S. House from Connecticut’s 2nd district, announced that he would seek the Republican nomination to run for the Senate seat currently held by Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn.).

The Hartford Courant reported the reaction from Democrats in the state… Simmons is just a clone of George W. Bush.

Rob Simmons’ Senate candidacy wasn’t even a full day old and Democrats were already on the offensive Monday, portraying the former congressman from Stonington as little more than a clone of George W. Bush.

Simmons is actually known as a fiscally conservative Republican who has broken with his party on several issues, including abortion, gay rights and drilling in the Arctic wildlife refuge.

But that wasn’t the message that the Democrats were offering up on Monday.

“Rob Simmons is no moderate,” Eric Schultz, a spokesman for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, said in a press release. “He was a staunch supporter of George Bush’s failed economic policies, and this race will be an opportunity to hold him accountable for that record.”

If you think this is going to be a “polite” campaign, you’re dreaming.

More than 50% there. Update: 100% there.

Update: The show was taped on Thursday, and while he told Fox 61 he would not announce Sunday, he must have had a change of heart.  As of 10:35 Sunday night … the Courant is reporting that the AP is reporting that Simmons decided to jump into the race … apparently while watching the show? 

WASHINGTON – Former Republican Rep. Rob Simmons said Sunday that he plans to run against Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd.

Simmons said he made the decision to join the race after talking with relatives.

“The family had a long meeting today and was unanimous that I run,” he said in an e-mail message to The Associated Press. “So I am running.”

(Hat Tip – Rick in WH) We now return you to this Sunday morning’s post:

Former 2nd District Congressman and CIA intelligence officer Rob Simmons tells Fox 61’s Shelly Sindland he’s more than 50% there in terms of deciding whether he will run for Senate in Connecticut. That’s more than anyone has gotten from Simmons so far … and unless there’s some strange turn of events, it sounds like he’s in. Listen for yourself then you decide.


OK … credit where credit is due. Sindland wouldn’t let him off the hook and she didn’ t badger … she knew what buttons to push and drew him out and she got an answer. The Q poll question I think was the key to the interview and got the answer. Quinnipiac has Simmons up 43% to 42% in a blue state, an indication of respect for a man like Simmons as it is Dodd’s troubles. Could Dodd’s home in Ireland been the tipping point?


Rob Simmons actually nails why Dodd’s numbers are down and why ulitmately Dodd is in trouble … and it ain’t just the mortgages.



Finally … the mortgage papers

No … not from Dodd. From the guy who just may beat him in 2010. Read more

Program Note

Tomorrow we will be joined by former Congressman Rob Simmons. He’s a good man and we’ll get his take on the Porkapalooza and the upcoming Senate race. Should be very good. Don’t miss it.

Plus we are joined once again by Jaime from Hey .. St. Valentine’s Day is Saturday. Good luck guys.

Dodd-Simmons: Game On?

Here’s the headline from the JI:  Simmons weighs run for Senate

And about time. Dodd’s vulnerable … his tenure alone makes him vulnerable. Add to that his reluctance to come clean on his mortgages and his stunning lack of leadership at best and complicity at worst during the mortgage meltdown makes him a liability as a representative of the people. Enter Rob Simmons.

Robert R. Simmons, the former state business advocate and 2nd District congressman, said Friday that he wouldn’t challenge Gov. M. Jodi Rell should his fellow Republican run for re-election, but that he might try for the state’s top job if she doesn’t.

The one-time CIA officer, who during a Journal Inquirer interview said several times that he was continuing “to look for opportunities for public service,” also acknowledged that he was considering a race against U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, a five-term Democrat.

Losing Simmons in Congress was a tremendous loss for Connecticut. I can tell you personally he is a man of great integrity, and a frequent guest on the show. A former CIA intelligence officer, he is a patriot, statesman and a man of the people. He would represent the people of this state well. He certainly knows the definition of VIP, and he knows that if it doesn’t apply to every citizen of the state then it does not apply to him either.

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