Right-to-work does not mean NO unions

You know how Democrats and liberals are always demanding choice? Sure, except when it comes to the choice an employee has to join – or not join – a union.

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Video: Union thug protestors in Michigan show their collective HATE

This is out of control. There is no excuse for this type of violence. This IS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY, no doubt about it. Are you ashamed?

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The Indiana union standoff continues

We told you earlier about a bill pending in the Indiana legislature that would make Indiana a “right to work” state.  Should the bill pass, unions will not be banned from Indiana.  Rather, Indiana workers will have the right to choose whether or not they want to be part of a union at their workplace, and, whether or not they want to pay union dues. Read more

The freedom to choose

Perhaps as early as tomorrow, the Indiana legislature will consider a bill that would make Indiana a “right to work” state.  That is, if the Democrats in the legislature condescend to show up  for the session.  Read more